Managing Aliases and environment variables in Ionic v3... preparing Ionic v4

It was a trending topic during long months on Ionic community. A lot of ways were explored and issues open to add it natively on Ionic framework. Finally the Ionic team decided to migrate to angular-cli on v4 and re-use the angular-cli native solution to manage environment variables.

How to optimize performance of Ionic 3.x PWA

Thanks to latest releases it’s easy now with Ionic v3.x to build a PWA. But as shown on Lighthouse tool, out of the box performance is not extraordinary. Ionic PWA Bad Performance

How to set and check a coding style on PHP

One of Meumobi’s goals is keep the code clean, readable and maintainable. We have did this manually so far. In order to improve our quality we have been studying how to do this automatically. PHP Logo

How to use Google Analytics on Ionic PWA and Native app without plugin

Ionic PWA Analytics

Using Ionic/Cordova app sources as PWA

Many companies have now started to build PWAs instead of native apps, but sometimes you want/need both: PWA and native app. One main reason could be the non-support by iOS of a major PWA feature: Push Notification.

Creating a Ionic Module and sharing through NPM

Ionic logo

To-do app with Firebase Cloud Functions and Database

Hi, today we will make a to-do app using just Firebase Database and Firebase Cloud Functions, accessing functions through URL requests. Cloud Functions for Firebase

Getting started with Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

The new and improved ‘Add to Home screen’ and HTML5 APIs running fast to provide best device features integration on Web Browser, are getting PWAs closer to Native App behaviours. And since Service Worker API support in Safari changed to in development, meaning Safari is going to support service workers, the full potential of PWAs is opened up to developers and users. PWA logo And you can now share the PWA community-approved logo, customized with your own primary color. So everything is ready for the launch!

Yahoo finance API discontinued and now ?...

A long time ago I’ve wrote a complete post to Get Realtime Stock Quotes using Yahoo Finance API. Through comments and analytics, I’ve discovered how popular was this Service, for good or bad purposes. But this month this important group of users wake up with a bad news: Yahoo finance API discontinued Source: Yahoo Forum

Cloud Functions for Firebase

As probably you know, Google Firebase provides very interesting resources. Of course, hosting and database are useful but in this time we will talk about Cloud Functions. Cloud Functions for Firebase