Yahoo finance API discontinued and now ?...

A long time ago I’ve wrote a complete post to Get Realtime Stock Quotes using Yahoo Finance API. Through comments and analytics, I’ve discovered how popular was this Service, for good or bad purposes. But this month this important group of users wake up with a bad news: Yahoo finance API discontinued Source: Yahoo Forum

Cloud Functions for Firebase

As probably you know, Google Firebase provides very interesting resources. Of course, hosting and database are useful but in this time we will talk about Cloud Functions. Cloud Functions for Firebase

Getting started with Vagrant

Vagrant provides easy to configure, reproducible, and portable work environments. It’s main objective is to make the “works on my machine” excuse a relic of the past ;-) vagrant

Create a Ionic 2 App with Firebase database and angularfire

Firebase is an huge platform to work with, it provides ton of services ready to use (hosting, database, push, authentication, etc). It’s why it make sense to check it for your new projects. On this post I’ll explain how to use the cloud database service. I’ll start the tutorial from an existing App, if you need some help to create a new Ionic App I recommend to read our post Implementing the Master-Detail Pattern in Ionic. If you’re familiar with Ionic you can follow steps below in any ready Ionic 2 App. Ionic Firebase logos

Implementing the Master-Detail Pattern in Ionic

A Master Detail Interface is a common pattern in computer systems where a master list is displayed, and when an item is selected, more details about that item are displayed in a separate view.

Creating a shared module for Ionic App

SharedModule contains code that will be used across your app and Feature Modules. You’ll import this SharedModule into the specific Feature Modules as needed. You DO NOT import the SharedModule into your main AppModule.

Theming your Ionic App

Ionic App are packaged with default themes optimized for each platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). But Ionic Framework also provide a easy to setup interface to customize your App as you like.

Getting Started with Ionic

I had a good experience on Cordova and PhoneGap when I decided to test on a real project the Ionic Framework. At the raising of Ionic 1, I’ve already tested this framework but was disappointed by performance issues. Now, I have to migrate from Angular 1 to Angular 2/4 (means rebuild my whole code), and regarding new Ionic versions announcements and others reasons why Ionic 2 is better than Ionic 1, it’s a good moment to re-evaluate the framework. Ionic 2

Managing environment variables in Ionic

Developing Ionic 2.x Apps you certainly face the need to use an external configuration file, and/or several files for different configuration values for different environments. For example, different backend API URLs for development and production. It’s a common topic on Ionic and Angular forums:

Alternatives to Launchkit

As described on its site, LaunchKit is a suite of easy to use tools for mobile app makers to create, launch and monitor our apps. On meumobi we use all their services: Screenshot Builder, App Website Builder and Review Monitor. All are well designed, with best UX and features you need. For us the most important is the screenshot builder, we save the screenshots of all Apps we manage ( > 20), iOS and Android. launchkit Unfortunately on July, 2016 LaunchKit team joined Google and decide to discontinue the service on July, 2017. They have open sourced LaunckKit, so anyone can set up their own instance. But I’m not sure it’s a good idea to own a discontinued project, let’s search a solid alternative.