Raspberry PI Assembled We’ve been working with Raspberry Pi in order to offer a TV extension of our services. This post is one of a series which shows how we did.

In this article we will point some settings who can improve rendering performance on Chromium.

What do you need?

  • A raspberry with chromium installed. How to :)

How to mesure

In order to check if our hacks are working we need metrics. We use these:


Enable Hardware Acceleration

GPU Rasterization

  • Access chrome://flags/
  • Set GPU Rasterization to Force-enabled for all layers
  • And click on Relaunch Now



  1. Access https://mmb-lottie-performance.stackblitz.io/.
  2. Turn on FPS Meter
  3. Select Modern with Fonts
  4. Toggle Play/Stop
  5. Wait to complete first loop
  6. Start Record profile when second loop starts
  7. Stop Record profile
  8. Save Profile…

The results are

Before Improvements

Profile Before

After Improvements

Profile After


We’ve tested the following tips, but for our case, with a lot of SVG animations, to force Rasterization brougth to us the best performance.

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