If your project use firebase hosting and database, you probably need a developement and/or integration environment. These environments will use different host and db, but are reachable form your local server


Firebase cli: multi-projects Adding a project alias Firebase use –add, create

To switch between aliases, run: $ firebase use

You can view a list of currently defined aliases for your project directory by running firebase use $ firebase use

remove an alias by running firebase use –unalias .

$ firebase list $ firebase deploy –only hosting $ firebase deploy –only functions:function1

Firebase code pull

There is no method available to grab your Firebase code. You should be utilizing your own version control (e.g. git) to manage your revisions and backups.

Since all your files are static assets, you could always scrape them using wget:

wget -r -np https://<YOURAPPNAME>.firebaseapp.com

Can I cleanly delete firebase project using cli ?

You should delete firebase.json and .firebaserc if it exists. Once those files are deleted you should be good to go.


Customize Hosting Behavior

Redirects, Headers, Rewrites, etc. https://firebase.google.com/docs/hosting/url-redirects-rewrites

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